Our services



Consultations with specialists

Conservative therapies



  • Arrangement of medical checkups
  • Finding you the most outstanding specialists and clinics for any given issue in cooperation with our medical advisors
  • Arranging medical consultations within a short time period
  • Assistance at doctor visits upon request
  • Provision of a specialist medical interpreter
  • Translating your medical documents
  • Requesting second opinions from specialists in cooperation with our medical advisors
  • Obtaining a second opinion in cooperation with our medical advisors
  • Evaluation of all medical services and their prices
  • Planning of outpatient and stationary operations
  • Organizing patient transport
  • Selection and organization of your stay at the most appropriate rehabilitation center, suited to your needs
  • Support during your hospital or clinic stay
  • Collecting multiple bids for the cost of your care
  • Vaccination advice
  • Negotiation of the best possible rate

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How to be a member?

Our services are provided for our members only. Our membership fee consists of a subscription fee and a monthly fee.

The price of our concierge service does not include medical examinations, treatments or hospital and rehabilitation services.

We collect multiple offers for the cost of your complete care from various hospitals and treatment centers. Our clients always pay the doctors and/or clinics directly. We do not accept any compensation from either the physicians, nor the hospitals – therefore always guaranteeing you a totally independent and unbiased best selection. In addition, as your representatives, we negotiate the best possible rates and lock in the lowest prices for you.

How to be a member?